Sword Weapons List

You are currently browsing all available weapons in Genshin Impact

Name Atk Type Obtain
Aquila Favonia
48 sword gacha
Blackcliff Longsword
44 sword starglitter exchange
Prototype Rancour
44 sword crafting
Skyward Blade
44 sword gacha
The Alley Flash
44 sword gacha
Iron Sting
42 sword crafting
Lions Roar
42 sword gacha
Royal Longsword
42 sword starglitter exchange
The Black Sword
42 sword bp bounty
The Flute
42 sword gacha
Favonius Sword
41 sword gacha
Sacrificial Sword
41 sword gacha
Dark Iron Sword
40 sword gacha
Travelers Handy Sword
40 sword chest
Cool Steel
39 sword gacha
Fillet Blade
39 sword gacha
Harbinger of Dawn
39 sword gacha
Skyrider Sword
38 sword gacha
Silver Sword
33 sword chest
Dull Blade
23 sword chest