Weapons List

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Name Atk Type Obtain
Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
48 polearm gacha
Skyward Spine
48 polearm gacha
Aquila Favonia
48 sword gacha
Amos Bow
46 bow gacha
Wolfs Gravestone
46 claymore gacha
Kunwus Iris Rift
46 polearm gacha
Skyward Harp
45 bow gacha
Skyward Atlas
45 catalyst gacha
Skyward Pride
45 claymore gacha
Blackcliff Warbow
44 bow starglitter exchange
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
44 catalyst gacha
Mappa Mare
44 catalyst crafting
Royal Grimoire
44 catalyst starglitter exchange
Prototype Aminus
44 claymore crafting
Sacrificial Greatsword
44 claymore gacha
Crescent Pike
44 polearm crafting
Favonius Lance
44 polearm gacha
Blackcliff Longsword
44 sword starglitter exchange
Prototype Rancour
44 sword crafting
Skyward Blade
44 sword gacha
The Alley Flash
44 sword gacha
Sacrificial Bow
43 bow gacha
Royal Greatsword
43 claymore starglitter exchange
Prototype Crescent
42 bow crafting
Royal Bow
42 bow starglitter exchange
42 bow gacha
The Stringless
42 bow gacha
The Viridescent Hunt
42 bow bp bounty
Blackcliff Amulet
42 catalyst starglitter exchange
Favonius Codex
42 catalyst gacha
Prototype Malice
42 catalyst crafting
Solar Pearl
42 catalyst bp bounty
The Widsith
42 catalyst gacha
Wine and Song
42 catalyst gacha
Blackcliff Slasher
42 claymore starglitter exchange
42 claymore gacha
Serpent Spine
42 claymore bp bounty
The Bell
42 claymore gacha
42 claymore crafting
Blackcliff Pole
42 polearm starglitter exchange
Lithic Spear
42 polearm gacha
Prototype Grudge
42 polearm crafting
Iron Sting
42 sword crafting
Lions Roar
42 sword gacha
Royal Longsword
42 sword starglitter exchange
The Black Sword
42 sword bp bounty
The Flute
42 sword gacha
Alley Hunter
41 bow gacha
Compound Bow
41 bow crafting
Favonius Warbow
41 bow gacha
Eye of Perception
41 catalyst gacha
Sacrificial Fragments
41 catalyst gacha
Favonius Greatsword
41 claymore gacha
Lithic Blade
41 claymore gacha
41 polearm bp bounty
Dragons Bane
41 polearm gacha
Favonius Sword
41 sword gacha
Sacrificial Sword
41 sword gacha
Ebony Bow
40 bow gacha
40 bow chest
Raven Bow
40 bow gacha
Amber Catalyst
40 catalyst gacha
Emerald Orb
40 catalyst gacha
Twin Nephrite
40 catalyst gacha
40 claymore gacha
40 polearm gacha
Dark Iron Sword
40 sword gacha
Travelers Handy Sword
40 sword chest
Sharpshooters Oath
39 bow gacha
Otherworldly Story
39 catalyst gacha
Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
39 catalyst gacha
Debate Club
39 claymore gacha
Ferrous Shadow
39 claymore gacha
Skyrider Greatsword
39 claymore gacha
White Iron Greatsword
39 claymore gacha
White Tassel
39 polearm chest
Cool Steel
39 sword gacha
Fillet Blade
39 sword gacha
Harbinger of Dawn
39 sword gacha
Recurve Bow
38 bow chest
38 bow gacha
Magic Guide
38 catalyst gacha
Bloodtainted Greatsword
38 claymore gacha
Black Tassel
38 polearm gacha
Skyrider Sword
38 sword gacha
Seasoned Hunters Bow
33 bow chest
Pocket Grimoire
33 catalyst chest
Old Mercs Pal
33 claymore chest
Iron Point
33 polearm chest
Silver Sword
33 sword chest
Hunters Bow
23 bow chest
Apprentices Notes
23 catalyst chest
Waster Greatsword
23 claymore chest
Beginners Protector
23 polearm chest
Dull Blade
23 sword chest